MTS has a team of senior engineers, skilled and experienced, who can provide 7 x 24 hours of after-sales support and customized services based on customers' specific needs.

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The company
was established in 2012.

Mautex automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing and service

Address:Building a, Chuangyu intelligent industrial park, No. 18, Yaofeng Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Talent recruitment

  • mechanical engineer 2022-02-10

    Job title:mechanical engineer
    Job responsibilities:

    1. Provide DFM equipment according to customer requirements;

    2. Client reviews and modifies DFM;

    3. Assist the business department in quotation and provide BOM for quotation;

    4. Refine the 3D structure drawing, processing drawing and BOM of the equipment according to the work order;

    5. Track the manufacturing progress of the designed equipment and deal with the assembly problems caused by improper design and processing;

    6. Assist in equipment assembly and commissioning;

    7. Improve and update the design of the equipment during the use of the client;

    8. Timely update the design and drawing files according to the information of the marketing department, production problems and use problems, and timely report to the department head and discuss countermeasures;

    9. Be responsible for tracking the installation and commissioning process of design equipment, and deal with the design and assembly problems caused by improper design;

    10. Formulation of technical data such as product general assembly drawing, part assembly drawing, part drawing, pneumatic and hydraulic schematic diagram;

    11. Formulate and provide equipment operation manual, maintenance manual, list of vulnerable parts, gas circuit diagram and other data;

    12. Cooperate with the business department to understand the customer's needs and project requirements;

    13. Lead the trial operation of the equipment and monitor whether the equipment meets the design and use, and timely improve the treatment and records;

    14. Cooperate with the purchasing department to select or purchase purchased parts as required;

    15. Acceptance of purchased parts as required;

    16. Complete other tasks assigned by the department head.

    Job requirements:

    1. Mechanical principle;

    2. Characteristics of common steel and plastic materials;

    3. Processing and manufacturing process of parts;

    4. Have certain project management knowledge;

    5. Be able to operate SolidWorks, AutoCAD and other design software and office software;

    6. Make judgment and design for functional mechanisms, and be able to independently complete the selection of standard parts and the calculation of design parameters;

    7. Have strong comprehensive analysis and judgment ability, and be good at handling abnormal problems or solving crises;

    8. Have strong adaptability.

  • After sales technician 2022-02-25

    Job title:After sales technician
    Job responsibilities:

    1. College degree or above, major in mechatronics, machinery, electricity, etc;

    2. Working experience in non-standard automatic after-sales service is preferred;

    3. Having the ability of non-standard automatic fitter debugging and electrical (PLC) software (LabVIEW. C + +) debugging and other skills is preferred;

    4. Have the ability to troubleshoot on site, find problems, solve problems and feed back problems;

    5. Have strong communication skills, strong pressure resistance, and adapt to overtime and long-term business trips.

    Education:College degree
  • Assembly Technician (electrician / fitter) 2022-02-25

    Job title:Assembly Technician (electrician / fitter)
    Job responsibilities:

    operating duty:

    1. Responsible for the mechanism assembly of non-standard automation equipment (fitter)

    2. Skillfully understand 2D and 3D plane drawings, be able to assemble according to drawings, and be able to assemble according to drawings (fitter)

    3. Electrician is responsible for assembling non-standard electrical equipment

    4. Be familiar with circuit diagrams, and be able to conduct wiring and assembly according to drawings. Proficient in 2D and 3D plane drawings (electrician)

    Job requirements:

    1. Major in mechanical, mechatronics or electrical automation;

    2. Engaged in fitter or electrician assembly for more than 1 year, fresh students can also;

    3. Familiar with circuit diagram, I / O meter, familiar with common electrical working principle (electrician);

    4. More than 1 year experience in electrical assembly, skilled in using electric soldering iron, multimeter, number tube printer, label printer, caliper, etc

    5. Adapt to overtime

    Education:secondary specialized school
  • Project Specialist 2022-02-25

    Job title:Project Specialist
    Job responsibilities:

    Project management / electromechanical I 1 Manage the whole process of product development, pricing and sales, supervise the product development process, deal with product problems and ensure the smooth mass production of products;

    2. Manage product costs, improve products or reduce costs to enhance product value.

    3. Manage and supervise the implementation of every detail of the project, and participate in the specific work of some important details;

    4. Interact closely with the corresponding functional departments of team members, coordinate and solve all problems in the process of project promotion;

    5. Be able to control and manage the progress of the whole project.

    6. Be responsible for liaison and coordination with relevant departments (sales, manufacturing, R & D, etc.).

    Job requirements

    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in project management / Mechatronics, CET-4 or above, proficient in listening, speaking and writing.

    2. This position requires short, medium and long-term business trips and a responsibility system. Those who mind do not vote!

    Body specialization

    Education:College Degree
  • Visual Engineer 2022-02-25

    Job title:Visual Engineer
    Job responsibilities:

    operating duty:

    1. Responsible for visual application research and development;

    2. Be responsible for developing visual application system based on Cognex, Kearns and other systems

    3. Participate in and support the integration and debugging of vision system and automation equipment control software

    4. Participate in the technical communication of visual solutions with the company's customers

    5. Participate in the selection and evaluation of visual components such as light source, lens and camera

    6. Be responsible for the preparation and training of documents related to visual application projects

    7. Be responsible for systematic training for colleagues in other departments using visual system

    8. Be able to adapt to short-term business trips


    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, image processing, automation, optics and other related majors

    2. Have 2-5 years or more experience in visual system research and development, and have certain basic theoretical knowledge of image and visual processing

    3. Be proficient in using Cognex visonpro and understand Halcon, opencv, c# etc,;

    4. Understand the machine vision industry, be able to select cameras, light sources and lenses, and provide technical solutions

    5. Good problem solving skills, planning and organization skills

    6. Have strong analysis / learning ability and strong sense of innovation, be good at finding problems and putting forward feasible solutions

    7. Have a sense of responsibility, clear thinking, good communication skills and teamwork spirit

    Education:College Degree
  • electrical engineer 2022-02-25

    Job title:electrical engineer
    Job responsibilities:

    operating duty:

    1. Design the electrical control system according to the manufacturing process and process requirements of non-standard equipment.

    2. Provide solutions according to customer requirements.

    3. Be responsible for the commissioning of the electrical control system of the equipment.

    4. Strictly implement the progress and quality requirements of the project, and complete the relevant work on time and with high quality.

    5. Prepare electrical control components according to the project budget.

    6. Report the project progress to the project manager.

    7. When the project has problems or delays, report the situation to the project team leader and the project manager.

    8. Explain the design points to relevant personnel before final assembly.

    9. Assist the production department in assembly, commissioning, installation and after-sales service.

    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above in industrial automation, automatic control, software design or related majors;

    2. At least 3 years of R & D experience in non-standard automation equipment or test equipment;

    3. Familiar with LabVIEW programming;

    4. Familiar with motion control or machine vision or PLC and other related ability development projects;

    5. Hardworking, adapt to business travel, strong sense of responsibility, good at communication and cooperation with others;

    6. Strong sense of time, avoid procrastination, inaction and prevarication;

    7. Ability to design project software independently is preferred.

    Education:College Degree
  • software engineer 2022-02-25

    Job title:software engineer
    Job responsibilities:

    1. Be responsible for the design scheme of non-standard automation projects;

    2. Review the feasibility of scheme design;

    3. Be responsible for project software design, software debugging and function verification

    4. Design the project with motion control card;

    5. Design projects with image vision system;

    6. Design the project with manipulator.

    Job requirements:

    1. College degree or above, major in electrical automation, measurement and control, major in computer or software design;

    2. At least 3 years of software programming experience in non-standard automation equipment;

    3. One or more communication modes have been developed and used, which is preferred, such as OPC, TCP, MC, socket, MODBUS, EtherCAT and other common industrial communication modes;

    4. Software development is given priority to LabVIEW, c# mainly;

    5. Be familiar with motion control or machine vision or PLC and other related ability development projects;

    6. Having developed vision system is preferred, such as using visionpro, Halcon, Ni vision * * *;

    7. Have a strong sense of responsibility and be good at communicating and cooperating with others;

    8. Be proactive, have a strong sense of time, and be able to complete work tasks with quality and quantity;

    9. Hardworking, able to travel and work overtime.

    Education:College Degree