MTS adheres to the core values of "quality, efficiency, innovation and integration" and the dedicated craftsman spirit to pool strength and build the core competitiveness in a specific field.

MTS-SLT-Series system level translation test separator

SLT is a system level translation test separator developed and manufactured by us with high performance, high stability and high output.

The operator will place the JEDEC Tray loaded with IC into the equipment. During the equipment operation, the IC will be sucked from the Tray and placed into the test base of the equipment for testing.  The test environment is room temperature, high temperature and low temperature.  After the test is completed, place the IC on the OK or NG Tray according to the test results.  Finally, the Tray was removed manually.

  • 01
    Secondary positioning device
  • 02
    Independent pneumatic distribution system controller
  • 03
    Superior and proven 'light and hard' P&P design
  • 04
    High performance P&P Y axis
  • 05
    High performance visual positioning system
  • 06
    High speed production mode with high precision
Key features

1. Machine size:≧2760x1720x2000mm

2. machine weight:2500KG

3. Number of test stations:X12\X24\X36\X48

4. Supported chip size:10x10 to 75x75(mm)

5. Test board size:≦260mm x 380mm

6. Test time:<12s

7. contact force:Max 150kg, -/+ 0.2kg

8. UPH:420 units

9. Visual detection ability:Marking\Lead\Ball inspection

10. Storage quantity:2 input/output tray Track

11. failure rate:<1/3000

12. data acquisition:Jam rate,UPH,Yield