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Our company carries out "safe production month" legal publicity activities

June this year is the 20th "safe production month" in China. In order to create a legal atmosphere of "safety, prevention and comprehensive treatment" in the whole society, our company decided to respond to the call, Organize the maotes family to carry out the legal publicity activity of "safe production month". In order to help enterprises establish that "safe production is more important than Mount Tai" For the concept of rule of law, we specially set up a training course, which took the form of the combination of actual case analysis and relevant laws and regulations, technical norms and legal norms, and moral norms, and gave a special rule of law course to the specific production operators and representatives of various departments. Through watching the safety propaganda film, we directly hit the dangerous scene of the accident; The safety production law, road traffic safety law and safety knowledge of electricity and gas consumption have been intensively publicized. At present, all departments have received the "safety production publicity manual" issued. I hope you can jointly create a good legal atmosphere of "accompanying morality and law and safety".

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Work safety emergency management is related to the overall situation of economic and social development and the safety of people's lives and property. Starting from maintaining the overall situation of regional security and stability, Wuzhong District adheres to the "bottom line" thinking, strengthens the awareness of "red line", plays the theme of "safe development month", and takes a higher stand with a stronger sense of responsibility and urgency, We should pay more attention to the emergency management of production safety.

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Around the theme of "implementing safety responsibility and promoting safety development", the keynote speaker of this activity, manager Chen Jinjun, organized everyone to watch the safety production warning education film, popularized the origin of safety production month, led everyone to learn the new safety production law, and shared safety knowledge such as safety production, disaster prevention, mitigation and relief, emergency knowledge, traffic safety and so on. The activity further stimulated the positive energy of "life first", strengthened the concept of safe development, and created a good publicity atmosphere for "safe production month".