May 21, 2012

Suzhou MTS Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

The company is located in building a, Chuangyu Industrial Park, No. 18, Yaofeng Road, Mudu Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou. With 170 technical talents, the company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and manufacturing of automation equipment. The company has outstanding quality achievements and focuses on the trust of achievements.MTS people strictly control the quality and pay close attention to the management details. At present, it has a senior technical R & D team composed of mechanical, electrical and software engineers.

  • 6 term

    Invention patent

  • 48 term

    Authorized utility model patent

  • 11 term

    Software copyright

  • 45 term

    Patents in actual trial stage

  • 1.2 RMB100mn

    Registered capital

  • 115 people

    Technical talents

  • 203 people

    After sales team

  • 9000 square

    Plant land occupation

Product Center

MTS adheres to the core values of "quality, efficiency, innovation and integration" and the dedicated craftsman spirit to pool strength and build the core competitiveness in a specific field.

  • Medical Industry

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Semiconductor

  • Service Support

Medical Industry


Contact lens Meitong full process production line intraocular lens production line Corneal shaping lens (OK lens) production line nursing solution & Eye Lotion production line.
Consumer Electronics
MTS has been deeply engaged in the field of 3C automation equipment for a long time, providing customized automation equipment for manufacturers of mobile phones, computers, smart wearables, etc.


There are a large number of mature cases in precision radium welding, precision assembly, intelligent loading and unloading, and whole line customization. Fully consider flexible production in design, and highlight its absolute advantages in universality
We are committed to becoming a well-known semiconductor equipment manufacturer in China. In response to the cause of semiconductor equipment localization, we will make active efforts to forge ahead!


Equipment applications in the semiconductor packaging and testing industry include: Die sorter, translational sorter, automatic film applicator, automatic disc changer, automatic reel vacuum packaging machine, etc.
Service Support
MTS provides fast and professional service support for customers.


MTS has a skilled and experienced senior engineer team, which can provide 7 × 24-hour after-sales support and customized service.
  • Highly automated integration:
    robot, vision Photoelectric sensor for high automation

  • Experienced engineering
    team have a swift response

  • Stable production process
    Improve product consistency

  • Experienced OSS team
    Provide 7x24 hours service

MTS Automation Equipment

Mautex will explore and innovate in the field of intelligent manufacturing with an accessible attitude,
We will create greater value for our customers and make greater contributions to the society!