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MTS-DS-30 Die sorter

ARC is a high performance, high stability and high output system turret wafer sorting and taping machine independently developed and manufactured by our company.  Manually place the wafer wafer cassette at the loading area (Elevator) of the machine, and the machine will automatically finish the wafer loading and the wafer blue film expanding.  The chip is absorbed by the flipper and connected with the suction nozzle on the large turret. Then, the chip is tested at each station. Finally, the qualified chip is put into the braided belt mechanism for material collection.

  • 01
    Suitable for 8
  • 02
    Automatic wafer blue film tensioning
  • 03
    High performance visual positioning system
  • 04
    High-performance visual detection system
  • 05
    Supports a variety of wafer testing requirements
  • 06
    High speed production mode with high precision
Key features

1. Machine size:≧1700x1630x2220mm

2. machine weight:2500KG

3. Number of main turret station:24

4. Number of small turret station:8

5. Support chip  size:2x2 ~ 7x7

6. acceptable wafer size:8”&12”

7. Receiving way:tape

8. Uph:≦30000 PCS

9. ailure rate:<1/3000