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Auto Filling-Molding Machine

Filling and compressing for Molding machine, to auto load/filling/pressing/unloading for contact lens forming tool process;

  • 01
    Efficiency by robot auto load /unload
  • 02
    The equipment uses diaphragm valve injection to ensure the functions of Injection precision to be free of bubble generation.
  • 03
    Liquid injection and pressing at same station, no need to swtich up/datum tools to ensure the precision of molding.
  • 04
    Mechanical folding feature to ensure folding pressure and parallelism
Key features

1. application:dual PP mold over folding

2. product size:38#,55#

3. load/unload system:6-axis robot

4. accuracy:±5% 

5. parallelism:0.02mm

6. efficiency:1.2s/pcs