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MTS-ABM-Series Automatic substrate laminating machine

ABM-series is our independent research and development, manufacturing of high performance, high stability, high yield automatic substrate laminating machine. Manually place the material box or Magazine containing the substrate and the membrane ring into the device.  Equipment operation will automatically take out the substrate in the material box or Magazine, put it into the working area, the membrane ring is also put into the working area;  Then automatic film, film cutting operations.  After finishing the film, put the finished product into the receiving box.Save manpower, avoid human-caused errors and increase output.

  • 01
    Compatible with multi-size substrate \ film ring applications
  • 02
    Product switching is quick and easy
  • 03
    High stability,no bubbles
  • 04
    Magazine/Material box/basket can be loaded without stopping
  • 05
    Menu function options for different applications
  • 06
    High speed production mode with high precision
Key features

1. Machine size:2600x1200x2000mm

2. machine weight:1500KG

3. Jig size:8&12

4. Support base analysis size:190x70 to 270x85(mm)

5. label size:≦100x100mm

6. Product switching time:≦10min

7. Storage quantity:Magazine*4 \ Material box *8\ basket *4

8. Uph:≦180pcs rings

9. Labeling function:OK

10. Number of membrane rings stored:≦150pcs

11. failure rate:<1/3000

12. data acquisition:Jam rate,UPH,Yield