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MTS-ARP-Series Automatic reel inside packing

Automatic reel inside packing is our independent research and development, manufacturing, high performance, high stability, high yield automatic Reel inner charter.Automatically remove Reel from material box supplied by crown-block system;  Automatic wound sawtooth protection belt, put in desiccant and humidity indicator card;  Attach the printed label to the aluminum foil bag simultaneously.  Place Reel Reel in aluminum foil bag and vacuum.  After vacuuming, put it into the revolving box.

Save manpower, avoid human-caused errors and increase output.

  • 01
    Compatible with a variety of Reel feeding methods
  • 02
    Product switching is quick and easy
  • 03
    Modular equipment design, flexible expansion of new function requirements
  • 04
    Aluminum foil bag desiccant humidity card can meet more than 4 hours of operation
  • 05
    Can be connected to the production management system, efficient production control
  • 06
    High speed production mode with high precision
Key features

1. Machine size:≧3800x2900x2200mm

2. machine weight:6300kg

3. Reel Incoming way:shop traveller/small handcar

4. Support reel size:7”&13”

5. Aluminum foil bag size can be supported:200x200——600mmx600mm

6. Product switching time:≦10min

7. Printer quantity:≤3

8. Uph:≤240 units/h

9. Fixed labels:1 unit

10. failure rate:<1/3000

11. Vacuumizer:1 unit

12. data acquisition:Jam rate,UPH,Yield