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ARC is a high performance, high stability, automatic plate changer independently developed and manufactured by our company.Manually place the empty Reel into the storage area of the device.  The input rail of the equipment is connected to the output rail of the braiding machine.  The equipment automatically inserts the tape into the Reel and reels the tape.  After the specified amount is completed, cut the belt and paste the masking tape;  Finally, the finished Reel Reel falls into the finished product collection area of the equipment.

Save manpower, avoid human-caused errors and increase output.

  • 01
    Can be connected to a variety of different die sorter
  • 02
    Product switching is quick and easy
  • 03
    Easy operation and simply maintenance
  • 04
    The device can be flexibly expanded to meet new functional requirements
Key features

1. Machine size:≧650x550x1650mm

2. machine weight:150KG

3. Empty inventory reserves:8mm ≦30 units,16mm ≦15units

4. Full storage:8mm ≦30 units,16mm ≦15units

5. Support reel size:7”&13”

6. Support label printing:support

7. Uph:50K

8. Support tag comparison:support

9. Product switching time:≦10min

10. failure rate:<1/3000